Marc's leadership as Trustee for the State University of New York highlights his commitment to education. Marc believes that access to a quality and affordable education must be ensured from pre-K through college, and as your Assemblymember he would fight to ensure that opportunity is realized. 

  • College affordability: Marc has voted against increasing the cost of SUNY tuition on families, instead calling on the State to increase its investment to offset rising costs while maintaining quality programs and degrees. 
  • Increase funding to schools: Improving our education system is the best pathway to solving inequality, growing the economy long-term, and improving societal quality of life. Marc has consistently been a champion for increased public education funding for years and will fight to bring more resources to public schools.
  • Community and economic growth: Supporting our education system is the foundation for building a happier and healthier community. Helping to make sure recent graduates and young entrepreneurs in the 146th District are aware of the many grants offered by New York State to support businesses is an important way to help improve the economic stability of the region.