Marc believes that an increased investment in infrastructure is needed in Amherst, Pendleton, and surrounding areas. Marc will work to bring funding to Western NY to advance our current mass-transit infrastructure and expand upon it. 

  • Responsible development: Every project in our area, big or small, could have an impact on your everyday life. We need to make sure projects are being developed in a responsible manner to ensure they are not disruptive and ultimately are environmentally conscious. 
  • Optimizing state economic development programs: We need to make sure the 146th Assembly District is fighting for every dollar invested in the Western NY region. Marc will work closely with local business leaders to identify areas of potential investment in the District, and help business leaders take advantage of State grants and other programs that help build new and successful businesses. Additionally, ensuring oversight and transparency in the Regional Economic Development Councils is essential to making sure public funds are being spent in a fair and open manner.
  • Job creation: Focusing on improving and expanding infrastructure in our area will help create new jobs and help to strengthen the local economy.