Restoring Public Confidence

People in the 146th District and across the country have grown tired of the disrespectful tone, broken promises, ethical breaches, and corruption that have too often characterized our politics. Marc has worked tirelessly to serve those around him his whole life and believes fresh perspectives are needed, along with stronger ethics policies, to begin repairing the damage to public confidence that has occurred in recent years.

Fighting for everyone in the District: Marc’s primary goal will be to represent all of the people in the towns of Amherst and Pendleton, and bring their values of honesty, compassion, and hard work to Albany. While Marc believes that a new progressive voice will better represent those in our community, he also knows that putting partisan politics over people is part of the problem that has led to deteriorating public trust in the government. All voices in the 146th District will be heard and represented by Marc at the state level.

Holding government accountable: New York State has been plagued by scandal after scandal in the last decade. Marc supports stricter ethics policies that ensure there are fewer opportunities for corrupt politicians to exploit the system, and those that do are adequately punished.

Fighting big-money corruption in politics:  The people of the 146th District are tired of politicians voting in favor of donors and special interests instead of the people they represent. Marc supports closing the LLC loophole to end unlimited corporate donations in New York elections and exploring the possibility of a public financing program.